The Old Family Home

the Old Reed Home

This photo was taken at twilight near the old Utah Mill Stamping in Murray, Utah.

I looked around and crept cautiously about the place keeping an eye out for drunks, gang bangers, or druggies. Getting closer, I noticed  a plaque above the door telling who the family was that had lived in this abandoned home. A “condemned” notice is stapled near the front door.

No matter where I go in my travels, when I see an old home, or just the remnants of one…say a chimney, foundation, or stairs going up to nowhere, I always wonder about the people that lived there. How many people lived there…how many children?  What did they plant in their garden?  Were they happy there?  What were Christmas’s like? Most importantly, was there love in this home?  I hope so.

DSC_0123 - edit 2

Magenta climbing roses bloom at the side window.  When I looked inside, furniture and many personal items lay forlornly under a ceiling that was sagging dangerously.    The only thought that kept going through my mind was “how sad and lonely.”

DSC_0131 - edit 3

The land to the north of the house on the stamping mill property is being cleared and I assume the old home is not long for this world either.  I took a lot of photos of the stamping mill and will post those in a later story after I have done some research on the mill.

Slowly, so much of  our previous eras is disappearing.  Photographs and stories are the only way we can keep some of our history alive once it is gone.  We should never forget who we were and where we come from.

DSC_0103 - edit



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