The Boy in the Car

Steel maroon streak

flashing yellow

out my front window

he gunned the engine

pulling my

hooked heart

like a fish

across the grass

“the boy in the car is going

to get you in trouble”

she croaked from

the kitchen door

wooden spoon aloft

meatloaf smell surrounding her

the door slammed

as I chased after my heart

down the red stairs

flaking paint and bits of debris

stuck in the corners

the two trees


my feet


across the pavement

not looking back

at my grandma

staring out the front window

behind the white

gauze veil

wishing she was


running across

the grass

after her heart

hooked like a fish

by a boy

in a




April 2016…dedicated to my husband…I love you, Terry.

2016 copyright LAS. all rights reserved.


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