Stage Door Exit

“Stage Door Exit” was one of a number of poems that I had posted on my old blogspot site called “Breathing Thru My Eyes.”  Unfortunately, when I lost the address book that had contained my password to an old email account, I lost the ability to log on to the site and edit it.  Blogger is not great in helping you…AT ALL…in getting your old blog back.  So, in an attempt to not lose old artwork and poetry, I am re-doing some of it here.  I start out with the year 2006.  I have added an image I love.
Stage Door Exit

When I come back

will you be there to hold me?

Not long,

just a moment to soothe

aching nerves and my tired soul…

Give the loving words

I long to hear

from one

so dear to me now…as always

So far

I have traveled so far

but the reason was not clear

I echoed out the cry

only to hear it

bouncing back loneliness

It was the only answer

Walk the corridors to my rooms

and fall in step…

dark ramblings

with the castles of air

of then and now

Shadows come and go

touching me briefly

passing lightly

Too much (sorrow)

wells up and it

taints my dance

I light a candle for you

burning it bright in the window

light in our storms

light for your way

Pulling back from desperation

I walk the sea foam

gazing into the hems of the oceans’ skirt

The decoration and finery of small shells

seaweed embroiders the story of us in her gown

The sea is lifting me

in the shallows

to lay me soft on your shores

silent at your feet

Gather me there, my Love

Away from the lights and stage door exits

lift me away to the fires and warm furs

where I can sleep in peace

perhaps a small time together

without dramas and wars

Claim me as your own and heal this weary soul.

copyright 1987 LAS. all rights reserved.


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