Where Nothing is Sacred

When the Price of the Land becomes more valuable than the original intended use:

They did it with San Francisco at the turn of the last century. The value of the land became too high to allow for cemeteries to be continued in San Francisco, so they were dug up and moved to Colma, California. But not everyone was dug up. Bodies and tombstones have tendency of popping up all over the place in those old cemetery districts during rainy weather or when a pipe bursts in Lincoln Park Golf Course. Tombstones show up where they dumped them as ballast at Ocean Beach and the Marina. Unclaimed bodies were put to rest in Colma in mass graves. There is an estimate that bodies remain in San Francisco under housing projects, the City College and Lands End area that total in the thousands.I totally understand the plight of the Native Americans and their land with the pipeline. We believe we have put our loved ones to rest in a permanent sacred ground, only to have the greedy decide that something better could be used for the land. Such a shame that we have respect for nothing or no one anymore…all in the name of “progress.”

Source: Where Nothing is Sacred


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