Bludgeon – The Extern

via Daily Prompt: Bludgeon

Not a momentary hesitation, the needle shot through my skin and skewered the vein before I could move from the woman’s grasp. Jabbing deliberately due to some imaginary insult I had dealt her, she drew blood for a final sample.  She drew blood with a sick, sadistic worm of something twisting in her brain that the other students noticed.  It was almost gleeful, that look in her eyes. Something not quite right.

They stayed away from the pond, gazelle staring at the latest “kill” across the room.  None of them would allow her to draw from them again.  Fresh blood…new student…new victim.

She externed the week after.  The hematoma lasting two weeks, black and purple bruising, fading to decayed yellows and putrid green and eventually nothing.  I wondered if her career would last that long.


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