Falling Apart (on a prompt)

Like a puzzle box


pieces of my life scatter the table

straight edge outlines

delineate my pathway

greenery bits, chimneys and brick

lie scattered among children’s hands

a hazel eye there from a face

I love so dearly

plaids and froth of ocean waves

mix with the deep green of forested mountains

rocky bits amongst skyscrapers and asphalt

the pieces doubled sided to view the

second 50 years of my life

appearing on the magic tablet as the years tick by

I have thought about putting it together

piling up the matching pieces on paper

a mural for my children to open and play with

perhaps marvel at on a Christmas night

by doubt stays my hand

the pieces return

scattered in the box

as middle of the night second thoughts

make me stare blankly numb

at my life which has fallen apart





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