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I love this poet’s honesty. Thought I would share!

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Given the opportunity
To write in my true voice
No burlap masks needed to conceal myself

I jump out of my seat in great
Enthusiasm to express my gratitude
I scamper away to begin the next chapter

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Renewal, On the Advent of the New Year Holiday – CHALLENGE?

Renewal comes at a price though we seldom realize it unless it has been painfully been made aware of it it through drastic circumstances.  It may come to us as the rebuilding of a friendship, rebuilding of a home lost to fire or natural disaster, or it may come to us as a binding together of those closest to us after a loss of a loved one.

At the end of the year as New Year’s Eve approaches, renewal is often thought of as a time for resolutions to start of the budding year in a better footing than we did last.

This year will start no differently than a lot of years have in the past.  We will think of those we lost, what we accomplished and what we failed to accomplish, and other markers; the milestones from 2016.

On the advent of this New Year I would like to think we could all consider it a time of demolition.  Strange word to use, perhaps, but think of it this way:

Everyday I go to work I drive over an overpass that has been here since I was a teenager and I think prior to that.  There is a sidewalk on the overpass and the railing is made of the same sort of concrete…sort of column-esque, slightly decorative, and crumbling with age. The overpass is in serious need of repair despite the retrofitting it received 10 years prior.  So in several months from now after the snow is gone,  the task of tearing out the old, crumbling concrete will begin.  Demolition.

I’m 59, that’s relatively young in most people’s minds (unless you’re a teenager). Nonetheless, I am in need of having the crumbling, bits of me demolished and reworked.  I am not talking physically.  Yes, I have wrinkles, but botox or a face lift is not my style.  Yes, I could lose weight, but it isn’t going to be accomplished in the overnight rush to the gym with thousands of others that are freaking out this time of year.  The type of demolition and renewal I am thinking of takes more planning, more effort than that.

What if we all decided to demolish the negatives in ourselves this  year?  What if we all made a concerted effort to get rid of the self doubts, the pre-judgement, prejudices, petty jealousy, greed?  What if we all tried being just a touch nicer to ourselves and others this next year and demolish the absolute hellish joke last year turned out to be.  What if we make a promise to ourselves to do just one thing nice for someone else starting the first day of next year?

What if we stopped a moment longer in our hurry to get to work and thought about not flipping off the ignorant guy that just cut us off?  Yeah he cut you off, so what?  Unless it caused you to wreck, what does your anger cost you?  Doesn’t make a difference to that guy at all.  You allow your self to be the victim.

What if you hold the door open for the person ahead of you or behind you, regardless if they have stuff in their hands?  What if you just did something so simple as smile at someone when they look you in the face and say “Hi!”?  What if you stop and let that lady cross the street instead of trying to beat that first foot into the cross walk?  What if we decided to renew our own little piece of the world through the demolition of the negative and hateful behaviors of the past?

Simple sounding, right?  It is simple, but it requires two things…watching and being present.  The final part of this challenge…you cannot tell a soul about the good thing you just did.  Don’t care if it’s tiny…don’t care if you have billions of dollars and decide to rebuild a whole village or town…YOU CANNOT TELL A SINGLE SOUL.  No gloating, no pride.

Next day, make it a challenge to find two people or find some little thing…a smile…a compliment…a secret gift… that makes that one lady at work who never smiles, smile.

Now, how do you feel inside?  Yeah!  That’s what I’m talking about.  You feel warm…they feel warm…they pass it on…you keep passing it on…daily…boosting your awareness to all day…making yourself play a game of “I’m going to make that person’s day” as much as possible every day.

The magic of this is that it is infectious.  It does pass along like in that commercial, moving from one person to the next and so on.  Through our act of demolishing the negative and renewal we can change the world in small increments that are so truly HUGE!

This is my personal challenge for you…don’t care if you’re a starving student or old school money.  I dare you to make a difference this year.  I DARE YOU TO RENEW!

Brightest of Blessings and pass those babies on!

Louise Ann (the pissy poet)


Why Teddy will Always be my #1 Man

OMGoodness! I so get Sergio! When my husband died three years ago I bought this life-sized huge teddy bear. My in-laws, whom I live with, thought I was nuts…especially when I relegated them to the backseat, seat belting Teddy into the front (yeah! He’s THAT big). I have slept with Teddy ever since. He has heard my hopes and dreams. He’s been there when I have cried my eyes out and watched me laugh uncontrollably over silly things. I get it. Teddy was one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. Next to the real one that was my husband, Terry. Thank you for sharing your story, Alexis, about Sergio! May you and your family have an amazing and blessed New Year!


It’s been five years, and Teddy isn’t going anywhere.

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The past 3 months or so, I began participating in the “The Daily Post: The Daily Prompt” in order to get me up and writing more.  It has been fun and the new friends that I have met write the most amazing poetry and prose.

It got me thinking about expansion even deeper.  The prompt is wonderful and I love the challenge of it, but I began feeling the need to go even deeper, pushing myself harder.  So I signed up for the “Word of the Day”, where I am emailed a new word, with it’s definition and the context in which it is used to broaden my horizons even further.

You know how you feel something, are touched so deeply, or feel the need to describe something at a greater depth, but you find yourself relying on the same old words you have used for years?  I found that I have been stuck in this no-man’s land for quite awhile.

I wouldn’t call this a resolution exactly; more like expansion.  Perhaps this is age-driven (I’m turning 60 this next year), or a need to dive deeper into myself and discover broader vistas of my experience and personality…diving for pearls in the hidden oyster.

The last three years have been spent hanging onto and yet trying to let go of utterly consuming grief; one hand holding on to… the other hand open and letting go.  Sitting back and reflecting on it from some of my latest poetry, it is a lot like watching the ocean…a constant pulling out and giving back of water (emotions)….sometimes calm, sometimes raging.

So this next year, I am going to go diving deeper.  I hope all of you have a rewarding and blessed New Year.  Thank you for your support and kind words.  You spur me on!

Brightest of New Year Blessings!

Louise Ann

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Tormented Soul

I am a tormented soul

I do not stand on rock or sand

but the ever changing tides of the ocean

Battering in wounded rage against the cliffs

twinkling in lazy lapping as dolphins swim past

Never static

always straying into the the seventh wave

pounding and pulsing

throwing up past years debris and doubts

on my shores

holding tomorrows promise

in the bottle of time

LAS copyright 2016 all rights reserved

Silent Suffering

Fountain pen in hand

I write one more letter to a man

who cannot read my soul any longer

who waits for me at the gates of death

a present on Christmas morning

and I long for the silence

of my heart

like the deep cold snow that fell during the night

quieting the roar

of the season

but not the roar of pain

within my chest


LAS copyright 2016  all rights reserved



Muted light from the temple

shines honey through the windows

casting a glow about it’s roof tops

so close to Christmas

a hushed silence

in the courtyard

even the fountain

holds it’s breath

a bare whispered murmur

the snowy dawn light

is muffled in gray

a fluffy meringue of smog and mist

My steps are slow

walking the slate stairs

a sense of calm

blankets the sound of cars

making the rush sleepy and far away

peaceful mountain morning

so begins the holiday

LAS copyright2016 all rights reserved



Season’s Brink

Snow falls
hushed silence
as the flakes turn
twisting and falling
over snowcone colored lights
a child’s delight
of magical wonder
marking the passing
of the autumn
to winter
the darkness pregnant
with the impeding birth
of another year
a new spring
carrying hopes and dreams
like an unborn child
as the old year
passes away

LAS copyright 2016 all rights reserved