The Mock ECG – “Are you Up For the Challenge Prompt”

Giddy and yet shy times.  The medical student lay there, naked from the waist up as the assistant shaved a small spot on his chest.  Practice makes perfect, she gave him the instructions managing not to flub them up.  “The electrodes won’t hurt,” she droned, “They give us a base line idea of what your heart is doing.”  Still anxious, cold and full of doubt, he’s never done this before in front of the whole class.

Information gathered, he lays there thinking that it is amazing how long 13 seconds can be.  He held his breath, though she told him not to, he keeps deathly still and hears the paper moving smoothly out of the machine.

“ECG is over, Mr. Brown, you can put your clothes on after I remove the tags.  Doctor should be in a moment to explain your test results.”

Pop! She places the paper sheet in her binder, noting that there isn’t much room left in it for the addition of one more module of notes.

Off the table and dressed, Mr. Brown trots off down the hallway.

LAS 2016 copyright all rights reserved


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