Martyr to My Heart





I was taught these things

were dangerous

not what reality was made of

not to be worshipped

or bowed down to

Still the men in my life

always pushed harder

for me to make more


a change of position

always more

and more

and to hell with what I wanted

what did I want

money bought

a bigger house

better cars

more flash

less caring

about little things

little things

like love

warmth of a touch

a hug

watching the grandeur of a sunset

or hearing the voices of a church choir

while holding hands

with a man I love

and respect

not a man I answer to

and the time passed

my prison fast and strong

until one day

the master left

and I was free to find my own way

speak my own words

seek my own happiness

find one of my own kind

who knows

the value of life is not




I am a martyr to my heart

paying dearly for my beliefs

but to live for anything less

is bondage indeed

LAS copyright 2016 all rights reserved


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