The past 3 months or so, I began participating in the “The Daily Post: The Daily Prompt” in order to get me up and writing more.  It has been fun and the new friends that I have met write the most amazing poetry and prose.

It got me thinking about expansion even deeper.  The prompt is wonderful and I love the challenge of it, but I began feeling the need to go even deeper, pushing myself harder.  So I signed up for the “Word of the Day”, where I am emailed a new word, with it’s definition and the context in which it is used to broaden my horizons even further.

You know how you feel something, are touched so deeply, or feel the need to describe something at a greater depth, but you find yourself relying on the same old words you have used for years?  I found that I have been stuck in this no-man’s land for quite awhile.

I wouldn’t call this a resolution exactly; more like expansion.  Perhaps this is age-driven (I’m turning 60 this next year), or a need to dive deeper into myself and discover broader vistas of my experience and personality…diving for pearls in the hidden oyster.

The last three years have been spent hanging onto and yet trying to let go of utterly consuming grief; one hand holding on to… the other hand open and letting go.  Sitting back and reflecting on it from some of my latest poetry, it is a lot like watching the ocean…a constant pulling out and giving back of water (emotions)….sometimes calm, sometimes raging.

So this next year, I am going to go diving deeper.  I hope all of you have a rewarding and blessed New Year.  Thank you for your support and kind words.  You spur me on!

Brightest of New Year Blessings!

Louise Ann

For all that wish to follow “The Daily Post: The Daily Prompt,

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” here is the link.:


Here is also the link for “The Word of the Day” from Dictionary.com:



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