The Party

Walking into the party

I realized too late

that I was too early

lessons to be learned

in reading the fine print

The guesst arrived

one by one

some likeable


some boorish

a few evil

my host drew me away

from hidden dangers

games too rough to play

guiding along throughout the game

and yet the longer I stayed

the more I discerned

about each life

and the interaction

of my own

with the guests at the party

laughter and gaiety

tears and pain

and what the sudden exits

really meant as the theme carried on around me

My perspective changed

evolving in the moments and hours spent

blooming like a rose

one watches in flickering frames

Until I, too, was faced with the nod of my host

at the table

my turn at the game was ending

time to leave

not knowing how the end would play

out for the rest

Watching now from the doorway

before stepping through

I understood now this was

invitation of life

LAS   copyright 2017  All Rights Reserved.



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