Saturday Morning

courtesy of pixabay


get the housework done!

There are things waiting to

be played with later

behind the closed door of my room.

Two cats sit

eyeing me with anticipation,

knowing it’s their day

watching me buzzing about

ticking off the to-do list.

Pajama clad,

grabbing my lunch

to bring downstairs,

the cats and I

enter the privacy of our room…

wading through the heady incense

of linseed oil, lacquers,

resin and paints on the desk,

silver jewelry plates,

fountain pens and books,

beads in boxes .

My brushes stand ready soldiers

in their glass

lying close at hand to the remote

where across the room

“Sherlock”will be played all day

binge-watching while I work in

colours and bits of paper

paint and ink

created from designs

in a world of my own.


LAS copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved

courtesy of pixabay

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