Run Off

The snow is melting.

Riverlets run through

leaf mold and last years bent grasses,

making their way to the creek bed.

It seemed that winter’s heavy coat

would suffocate the world

in white,

encasing it in ice;

God’s world trapped in crystal.

Long nights of hushed quiet,

the snow lays in layers of days and weeks

and accumulation of dreams

and farmers hopes

to melt as time passes to Spring.

Warmth is seeding the minutes,

pushing life to the surface

for the Spring’s maiden to show her finery

of purples, emeralds, and golds.

With the blessing of water,

it will be a lush year.

LAS  2017 copyright   All Rights Reserved


3 thoughts on “Run Off

  1. Hey, I loved yours for today. You can capture everything so well. I’m getting there. A friend says that writing takes restraint…art is the act of letting go of restraints. I need to let go of my restraints more to more fully express myself. Reading your work and many others on WordPress and elsewhere is helping me to do that. Thank you! Have a fantastic weekend!


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