The Space In Between


(for Anton Kabonic)

I am learning to love

the spaces in between



letting go

quieting assumptions

and fears

the space between the wick

and the flame

I am learning to embrace

the silence

watching droplets of rain

tick off my days

on a rosary of


getting to know who I am

questions I want to ask

of you

touching your wild

hoping you’ll trust me

can there be an “us”

I am learning to trust myself

allowing my wild

to howl

calling to the moon

for my lover

no longer apologizing

for my words

my crys

my passion

depending on myself

to run alone if you won’t

run with me

knowing I am strong enough

to love you unconditionally

even from a distance

and still love myself

as well

LAS copyright 2017  all rights reserved

photo courtesy of Pixabay



You asked me to wait

for you

but I don’t think I can

the silence

no calls

but I know you are home

and I am

unnecessary to you

but when you need me

necessary to me

but you’re not there

not at all

familiar souls

connecting for a moment

I made the mistake

fell in love

became vulnerable

and now broken

Know it wasn’t me

Know it is with you

at least I learned the lesson

that I can still feel

still love

and my heart

with time

will heal

while it’s your turn

and you can wait

LAS copyright 2017  All Rights Reserved

Photo courtesy of Pixabay


I Don’t Want to Write Anymore

So beautifully touching. For all of us that have the empathic gift, I thought this summed up how many of us feel. Enjoy Sumiyana’s poetry!

Sumyanna Writes

FontCandy (11)

I don’t want to write


I don’t want the words

rushing through my veins,

the surge with which

leaves me unsettled

raw and open…

It is much

too much to ask of me –

to bleed the twisting sentences

to feel the verbs

tracing down my spine

and the world becomes

unburdened of her sin

yet I am left to feel

each pang of remembrance.

A child cries

and I feel her tears

added to my sorrows.

I watch a hungry man

stooped over an open trashcan

and I cannot escape

his need.

I hear the sirens

of yet another disaster

and I cannot pull away.

I feel the loss that others

cannot bear to breathe.

My eyes

were never meant

to look away.

My heart

was never meant

to go to sleep

and I feel

and I feel

and I feel as if it is too much


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